Finding the perfect home for business

The perfect home for business isn’t always easy to find. With barriers to growth including a shortage of warehouse space for operations, a lack of skilled workers and soaring business costs, but at Potter Space, we have a home for everybody.  

As a business that has grown from humble beginnings over five decades, we understand what it takes to overcome expansion challenges.  

Flexibility and close relationships with our customers are at the core of all our operations, and this focus helps us to provide the right accommodation for each everyone’s specific needs. After all, there’s a reason that some of our customers have been with us for 50 years!  

Our five business parks are situated in strategic locations across England and provide fantastic transport links in the areas of Ripon, Selby, Ely, Droitwich and Knowsley. Our spaces are designed to support the growth of our customers and the mixed-use facilities are favoured by businesses across a diverse range of sectors including retail, pharmaceutical, FMCG and industrial. 

As well as providing quality homes for businesses, we are also committed to continually investing in our relationships with all of our customers. We offer far more than just a place to work, with environments specifically designed to meet a variety of operational needs. 

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of the businesses calling our parks home 

AB Neo, Primary Diets UK are a leading animal feed producer and sell to 40 different countries around the world. 

As a long-term customer at Potter Space in Ripon, we’re pleased to have been able to help with their growth journey and provide the space they needed, when they needed it in the shape of a brand-new unit.  

As volumes have grown from nearly 16,000 tonnes per year up to 50,000 tonnes per year, we have also been able to help them with their energy needs alongside their storage needs.  

We’re even happy to help them to remove any gaggles of geese which may land on their demise in the future! 

"We wouldn't have been able to achieve what we have without Potter Space. As our volumes have grown and the industry has got busier, they have remained helpful in both the design and storage of our products. Potter Space being situated in the middle of the countryside means we don't have to look out onto concrete." Nick Evans, Assistant Operations Manager of AB Neo, Primary Diets UK. 

The English Marquee Company are a marquee hire company which originally started life with pole marquees, but now are classed as structure specialists in the industry.  

When looking for a home for their business, the English Marquee Company needed to find someone who could provide good links to the A1, support them with ample storage for their increasing equipment as the business grows and could also provide the right look and feel for their high-end company. 

We’re pleased the English Marquee Company chose Potter Space as the “big shed” for their business to help them on their growth journey. 

"We chose Potter Space because we'd spent a long time looking for the right place, and they not only had a lovely look and feel but also convenient locations. Potter Space is always only a phone call away, with amazing security and for us it has meant we have been able to build a home and base for everybody."  Tor Peters, Events Director, English Marquee Company. 

Our Estates Team are our first line of communication and support for our customers and are passionate about meeting the needs and providing solutions for our customers. 

"Glennys Conlon, Estates Manager at Potter Space said: “It’s not just about providing the space for our customers to work from. Our ethos is “home for business” and that means we need to work hard to listen to our customers and make sure we understand their needs to help them be successful. Ultimately, we want to be a key partner for our customers, to help them prosper. 

Help us to find your perfect home for business by contacting our asset management team 

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